Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Encounter at the Boston MFA

During a trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts last summer, I was lucky enough to catch this sort of encounter between two old ladies-the one regarding her viewer from a few hundred years ago. While I prefer to sketch from life, I often don’t have the time I want to do so, so have come to rely on my camera to catch interesting and fleeting moments. I am moving into painting something other than the nude, since that’s been my comfort zone.  I’ve reduced the scale and paint with a large brush to avoid the pitfall of excessive detail. This year I’m focusing on learning more about what I want to paint and not thinking too much about it. I asked Andre Lucero for advice in this area, since I am so new to painting, and he said to just paint whatever struck my fancy and paint a LOT. I like that I can just go with my impulse for now.

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