Sunday, April 22, 2012

Searching - The Sailor

Based on a tip from a fellow (much more established) artist,  I am painting whatever strikes my fancy and in no particular order so I can figure out what my focus might be. When I get there. Whenever that is.

I'm reluctant to share too much of myself in my work, so this approach of painting on impulse will probably reveal more about me than I'm comfortable with, which is good. (It's hard to make progress if you stay in your comfort zone.)

The Sailor - acrylic - 18 x 24"

This painting is outside my comfort zone in that I might like to be. Not that I sail, or am of epic proportions but I tried to indicate someone who is independent and self-contained.

It's definitely a struggle to put together a painting from multiple references, and some parts of this are a bit hinky but I love painting those big voluminous shapes and contrasting the very warm with the cool.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Encounter at the Boston MFA

During a trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts last summer, I was lucky enough to catch this sort of encounter between two old ladies-the one regarding her viewer from a few hundred years ago. While I prefer to sketch from life, I often don’t have the time I want to do so, so have come to rely on my camera to catch interesting and fleeting moments. I am moving into painting something other than the nude, since that’s been my comfort zone.  I’ve reduced the scale and paint with a large brush to avoid the pitfall of excessive detail. This year I’m focusing on learning more about what I want to paint and not thinking too much about it. I asked Andre Lucero for advice in this area, since I am so new to painting, and he said to just paint whatever struck my fancy and paint a LOT. I like that I can just go with my impulse for now.