Monday, February 20, 2012

More sketches from the Lost & Then Found File: Clearwater Beach

Date Night, Clearwater Beach, Florida

I am a people watcher and I have to confess that while people (from a discreet distance) are always interesting, few things are as intriguing as relationships that have gone or are going sour-as long as it doesn't descend into physical fighting, that is. This couple is a perfect example. I was having dinner with family and I happened to be perfectly situated to sketch this young couple without being observed. I did edit the background pretty heavily; the restaurant's walls are festooned with all manner of beer ads, surfboards and other detritus aimed to make one feel sufficiently beach-y. I also like the strong vertical of the table's one leg that divides them visually and I feel like the discomfort of sitting at a high top just reinforces the awkwardness of the dynamic between them.

Balloon guy, Pier 60 Sunset Celebration, Clearwater Beach, Florida

Some people are creeped out by clowns; for me, it's carnivals and balloon animal guys.This sketch was done more as a way to pass time as opposed to a commentary. I sat on a low cement wall near the actual pier during the city's nightly Sunset Celebration and watched the balloon while I waited for family. I like the sketch of the guy, his chair and his cooler, but not so much the setting. Once I get the figure, I tend to be less interested in the surroundings, but I feel like that's a mistake because the setting gives the figure relevance.

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