Friday, February 17, 2012

Found sketches

Well, I've been laid low by the flu for the past couple of weeks, but I found a flash drive I thought I'd lost-and it had some sketches on it. 

Charleston Exchange
 This sketch was done during a trip to Charleston and Savannah last year. The basket weavers were not very open to having photos taken, so I took a sketch instead. It takes a lot longer than a photo but is much more fun, especially if you've been forbidden to photograph.

Schnitzel at breakfast
 We also spent a couple days on St. Simon Island on the way back to Florida. Schnitzel's people sat right next to us at breakfast one morning - it was on an open patio - and I was struck by how unhappy he seemed. He was as far away from his person as he could get and standing up. His little daschund body was quite expressive, so I did this sketch while we waited for breakfast.

Savannah tourist waiting for the tour
I sketch whenever I think I will have to wait more than ten minutes. In this case, we were waiting to tour a house in Savannah. The house was fascinating. Built before 1800, it had indoor plumbing with water supplied by multiple interior cisterns which were the repository of rainwater collected from the roof. Green thinking 200 years ago.

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