Thursday, January 12, 2012

Boston Sketchbook

Chess Players in Harvard Square. For two dollars, you can play the chess guy.
These games have been going on since I first saw them in 1981. 

Playing guitar in Central Square T station. Musicians frequently play on the subway platforms. 
I actually wasn't as interested in the musician as I was in the couple standing near him.
The Boston version of a farmer's market is the Haymarket, every Saturday, all day. Fruit, vegetables,
 bread, meat, fish, cheese. The meats and cheeses are sold from basement shops on the street.

This is a hurdy gurdy player. Still not sure how it's played, but it was definitely interesting. 
This musician (this link will take you to a video of this actual guy playing the hurdy gurdy)
was set up next to the Old State House, his short-legged dog next to him. 

The view of downtown Boston from  Greenway Park.

The guy in red was set up in the northwest corner of the Public Garden, very near to the duck
 sculpture. Within a half hour, the other two guys showed up and joined in. My knowledge 
of classical is limited, but I thought I heard Vivaldi. I know I heard AC/DC.

My daughter absorbing "Watson and the Shark" by John Singleton Copley. 
I still remember my first viewing of this painting. It's hard to forget.  

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