Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sketches from Boston

I did this sketch on a lovely Sunday afternoon during my week in Boston last July. These two are very companionable. I don't normally use charcoal in my sketchbook because it smudges and I don't carry fixative with me, of course, but I like the friendly feel it gave to this little sketch.

This sketch is from the relatively new Greenway Park that took the place of the ugly old Southeast Expressway that cut the North End off from the downtown/Faneuil Hall area. The park is really pretty and the view back into the financial district made me homesick.

The Boston Museum of Fine Art allows students to come into the galleries and work directly from paintings of the masters. This student was working from a John Sargent portrait.


  1. Was the student painting? I wasn't aware that is allowed in the galleries.
    I like your charcoal drawings.

  2. Yes, she was. I know nothing about it other than it was relatively commonplace when I was a student at Mass. College of Art down the street from the MFA. I've never done it myself,but it's a great way to learn.