Friday, December 2, 2011

McGregor-in progress

I am doing a small painting of our dog, McGregor, as a Christmas gift. I did a quick pastel sketch first:

Now I am working on the painting:

It's only 9" x 12", which is suitable for a small dog. If I'd made it as big as his personality was, it would have been on a 9' x 12' canvas. I am also focusing on playing with color more. Since I've only been working in color for about 10 months, I am in exploration mode. I did take a year of color theory in college, but applying it is a whole different thing. I am also seeing that the camera flash burned out a lot of the detail, so I will add that to the list of stuff I need to learn about!


  1. this Westie is fabulous indeed! Right, no flash ;)

  2. Thank you! We miss him a lot, and it felt good to remember him this way.