Monday, January 17, 2011

The Carnival

Is there anything more awkward than having one of those silent intense fights in public? Unless it's having a loud, intense fight in public, I guess.

The dunk tank had this guy impersonating the scary vicious character of the Joker from the last Batman move-makeup and all. People were fascinated by the stream of abuse he hurled out at them; no one was safe. He picked on everyone, from the those in strollers to those on canes. As a result, they hung way back from the booth, watching those brave enough to endure the gravelly voiced taunting coming from the cage.

I'm really intrigued by how you can catch the carnies in like "OFF" mode as they wait for people 

Sometimes I wonder if they draw straws to see who has to go stand around at the carnival all night.

This guy looks just too old to be doing this. On the other hand, maybe it's like a lifelong dream... to travel around with the carnival.

Their excitement as they played the game was very apparent.

Just waiting for the right person to come along. This woman isn't it.


  1. Fighting couples and carnies! Genius! This is a great series. I have to get to the state fair now alone with a sketchbook.

  2. Love your stuff Kc. Amy and I will be going to the Topsfield Faire next month and there will be a lot of carny action to be seen there as well as animals, and the odd assortment of people. Are you doing the color later on or on the spot?