Monday, July 12, 2010

Bar Out Back

I went to a bar on 1792 recommended to me by someone who knows of my fascination with dives. It was a dreary Sunday afternoon, and not many people had decided to come out. The bar sits across the road from Lake Monroe and is large; only one half of it was open. When we arrived, a band was playing loud and hard on an open air stage, but we chose to sit inside where it was air conditioned, if smoky. The beers are bottled and cheap: $1.50. I think the group in the sketch were regulars. They got progressively louder and more lively over the 90 minutes we were there.

This sketch was started before they got to that point; my favorite is the guy with the red bandana and the goggle glasses. His beard was worthy of ZZ Top, but had been trained into two long pieces with what I believe were hairballs at the ends. I didn't get close enough to see for myself, but the woman in the tank top grabbed scissors from behind the bar and threatened to cut the hairballs off since, as she said, he had 'too many balls'. I was wondering how far it would go; she was pretty insistent they be cut off and he was equally set on preventing her self-appointed barbering task. Disappointingly, she eventually put the scissors back when he thrust out both arms full length at her face.

The light coming in from the windows was very difficult to work with- it was bright enough to make it difficult to see details of the people sitting at the bar. I'll choose another time of day the next time we go.

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  1. KC - Nice job, I've seen the guy with the red bandana and the goggle glasses before, good depiction of him! Also, good sketch of the bar area and signs on wall. I understand what u mean about the sun shining thru those windows, it had to be difficult to see to sketch.