Friday, April 16, 2010

Changing the oil on the Toyota

Craig owns Priority One in Longwood and has been my mechanic for 5 years now. He does a great job at keeping my aged Toyota running smoothly. I drew this corner of the shop but couldn't really get Craig as he hustled back and forth changing the oil, rotating the tires and checking the brakes. He looks a little stiff in the sketch because I finally had to ask him to stand at the tool chest for a minute so I could put him in the space I'd saved. He's a much better mechanic than he is model.

The pink car in the foreground is much prettier than it looks here: it's a 60s Thunderbird with a lovely pink metallic paint job and rag top. I wish I could take that home instead of my mom-mobile.


  1. Amazing are a very special person!!!! Craig