Thursday, February 11, 2010

Street Performer in Brattle Square

My daughter left for freshman year of college near Boston in late August; I was happy to get back to
a city I truly love. We went to knock around Harvard Square one day and she met up with a high school friend starting at Harvard. I sat down on a low wall in Brattle Square to sketch this street performer. I love the presence of street performers; they add a vibrancy and festiveness to an ordinary day.
He was much older than you'd think--at least 50-- and gave a very melodramatic rendering of the songs he played and sang. At one point, a very young musician dressed entirely in black came along and watched for a time. He eventually gave up any hope of getting a shot at this prime spot and walked off disconsolately. Maybe he continued to cruise Harvard and Brattle Squares for a spot-I saw 2 other musicians performing in the area.
Despite my reservations about his taste, I enjoyed the fact that street performers are welcomed in Boston and Cambridge. There's something to be said for forming your own opinions about the music you hear and the art you see. Constantly being fed music and art by 'official' outlets, such as radio, tv, galleries and museums doesn't allow you to educate your own taste.

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  1. You are right, what a wonderful feeling of excitement and enthusiasm, as well as good music, wish I was there!