Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Music & conversation at Spice

We were at Spice on Park Avenue in Winter Park in early November. This is a nice restaurant and bar that opens onto the sidewalk. It's relaxed and has the feel of a neighborhood bar without the grungy aspect. The sketch is of a conversation between two friends at the bar. One of them later wanted to see the sketch; a friend had told him I was sketching them. I felt I wasn't particularly kind in my sketch so I was a bit embarrassed by my characterization of them at first. Later, I realized it's my sketchbook and I like to share but it's personal and just my opinion, after all.

A father/son duo called The Robinsons (Justin & Jeff) were playing energetic, mostly acoustic music. They're both excellent players and singers and really fun, as they interacted with the crowd quite a bit. I struggled with this one; I had lost my first sketchbook about 2 months before. I'd finally given up hope of finding it and bought a smaller one that is more manageable. This is one of the first efforts after an almost 8 week break. I plan to return and try again to capture more of the feeling of the place.

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