Monday, February 15, 2010

Kingfisher Tours reservation hut, Fisherman's Village, Punta Gorda

I did this one between this past Christmas and New Year's. I was in the Punta Gorda area on another errand and stopped at the local tourist trap, Fisherman's Village. It's completely standard-issue Florida fare: t-shirts shops, shell mobiles in crowded gift shops overflowing with touristy junk imported from China, women's clothing decorated with little shell/flamingo/martini motifs and sandals with flowers on them. The whole complex is in a single long open-ended building capped off with a biker bar right on the Charlotte Harbor.

I remember my first trip to Florida in 1992- I was enchanted by this place. Of course, I'd come from dark and dreary Boston, up to the wheel wells on my minivan in snow. I was frantic to escape and all I cared about was that it was warm and bright.

This little hut is where I think you can make reservations on their boat for canal tours and peek in at the lucky souls who live right on the water. It wasn't their business as much as it was the hilariously bad homemade dolphin pulling a sort of john boat carrying a plastic Santa (the kind with a light inside) and wire-framed gift boxes on the roof. I LOVE this stuff about Florida and it appears all over the state.

I did cheat on the color-it's applied in Photoshop and I understand from a friendly observer that is obvious. I was too afraid to actually apply real paint--then. I undoubtedly will go back to the sketch and apply watercolor from memory.

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